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Nick Dewar's Green Patriot Poster

On occasion, complexity is forced into an environment that does not require it—an environment that is so organic and pure that it does not require proactive interference because the logical path is so obvious that to introduce anything else is simply a corruption.  That kind of unwarranted complication, typically a politicization, would be funny if the end result weren’t so tragic.

The power of undue complexity is that it can blind people.  It has a way of overwhelming them with so much information that they can’t see the tragedy until complexity is somehow eliminated.  For instance, in 1996 when the Olympic park was created in Atlanta, it reduced traffic by 23%, which in turn had the affect of reducing the number of emergency room visits for children with asthma by 42%.

Why would we allow a community to exist that would harm our kids?  Because we don’t want some job-killing policies about cars hurting our economy?  How about children-killing ignorance?  Is that OK?  Oh, and also about that economy stuff:  bullshit.

The hard part is the education—getting people to see the problem and admit it.  That’s why talking to your cousin Shandra is so damn important.  I know it’s a pain in the ass sometimes, but if you don’t tell her about a better solution, who’s else is going to.

Talk, communicate, educate.  It’s the hard part, but that’s how we get things done around here.