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You know what I’m not a big fan of? Kids getting hit and killed by cars.  In fact, it makes me a little crazy.  Know what doesn’t make it any better?  The fact that it happens in this country tens of thousands of times every year.  That is some serious bullshit and it has got to stop.

But wait, there’s even more madness.  One of the reasons people are driving their kids to school is because of fear of traffic dangers, and half the time that kids are hit near a school, it’s by a parent of another student.  Do you see the absolute absurdity here?  Please tell me you do.  People are worried about kids getting hurt by a car, so more and more cars are on the road and they’re killing our kids.  (All of this information can be found on this page of the CDC’s website.)

But what are you supposed to do, right?  People aren’t going to risk their kid being the one not in the car.  Apparently to hell with other people’s kids.  As long as their kid’s in the car that runs them over, it’s all good.  And hey, make it the biggest goddamn car you can find, because if you’re going to do the job, you might as well do it right.

There is a better way.  Creating pedestrian friendly, traffic calming neighborhoods that encourage walking and yes, God forbid, discourage cars, is safer for everyone, especially our children.  To not work toward this better kind of community is irresponsible.

I know what you’re thinking, In this economy how are we supposed to make those kinds of improvements to our community, and my city is backlogged with other projects, so they’ll never get around to helping my neighborhood.

But there is a way to make it happen, it’s pretty excellent, and you’re going to find out about it in the next post.